Connected Service for the Connected Customer: The case of PSA Group



Objective: Delivering a personalized customer experience in the showroom and beyond

  • Delivering a customized and optimized experience throughout the whole customer journey
  • Enable the dealerships to manage customer and vehicle data efficiently and easily
  • Reduce the diversity of dealer management systems in use throughout the markets and the needed number of interfaces to the OEM systems, simplifying the IT landscape of the Group

Solution: incadea as an authorized, global DMS partner for the PSA Group

  • Partnership with incadea as a global DMS software vendor to cover Peugeot and Citroën Automobiles networks
  • Full integration layer between incadea dealer management system (DMS) and PSA systems and further integration capabilities with third-party solutions
  • Innovative collaboration and productivity tools, enabling seamless cooperation and complete transparency among dealership areas and functions

incadea PSA Make Layer


"We needed a system for the long-term and incadea was considered the most adequate solution. incadea offers us a comprehensive, integrated, but flexible solution suitable to our needs."

Federico Cubaiu, Internal Control and Customer Satisfaction | Automagenta, Italy


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Outcome: A dealer management system customized for the PSA Group

The PSA International Make Layer (IML) includes interfaces between the DMS and the PSA Group’s standard systems for service, parts, finance and vehicle management. These integrations streamline data exchange and improve data quality, reducing manual workload and allowing employees to have more time for meaningful customer interactions.

Business Benefits

  • Seamless exchange of business data due to integration of related IT systems, e.g. customer and vehicle information
  • Simplified processes by connecting various third-party applications to the DMS through incadea’s open integration platform
  • More time for the customer due to less time spent on manual data entry and maintenance
  • Less implementation effort: standard processes and system components can be used without major adjustment to meet functional and technical local requirements
  • Time and cost savings due to the standard rollout procedure across different markets and customer interactions


"We recently went live with incadea.dms and are very happy with the solution. incadea.dms
is a modern solution with a userfriendly interface and aligns with the Automotions Peugeot vision."

Peter Baan, Director Aftersales | Automotions Peugeot, the Netherlands



PSA Group: Innovation is the cornerstone of value creation

The PSA Group’s success is based on more than two centuries of industrial experience, fueled by passion for innovation and the everyday pursuit of excellence. In the years to follow the introduction of one of the first automobiles in the world in the late 19th century, PSA continued to leverage its technology expertise and became one of the leading innovators in the automotive industry.

Strengthening and expanding the international business in recent years, today the Group comprises of the renowned European brands Peugeot, Citroën, DS Automobiles, Opel and Vauxhall.



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