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incadea.myengine is a comprehensive and flexible software solution for dealers and importers, allowing to increase business agility, increase customer satisfaction and improve internal business operations, while minimizing costs and risks. incadea.myengine has been designed and developed based on the Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 platform.

Business Benefits:

  • Optimized business processes and control
  • Improved employee performance and efficiency
  • Improved enterprise planning in different areas
  • Improved transparency of business operations as basis for effective decision making
  • Faster business processes improve customer satisfaction
  • Data exchange optimization in compliance with data integrity and security

Key Improvements of the Solution:

  • Based on the most up-to-date Microsoft Dynamics NAV Technology
  • Comprehensive, make-independent DMS connected with various OEM applications
  • Offers flexible user interfaces tailored to the different functional roles at a car dealership
  • No time-consuming search for information
  • Flexible and adaptable to changing situations and needs
  • Integrative and offers a consistent work environment
  • Reduces complexity and bundles important information for the users

Core Components:

  • Service Management: Focal points of the development were total revenue generation, efficiency improvement and day-to-day business controlling. Included are now, e.g., service appointment scheduling, workshop planning as well as various current status information
  • Parts Management, Parts Purchases and Sales: Having the right part at hand at the right time is crucial for efficient performance and customer satisfaction. With incadea.myengine you can manage multiple inventories for multiple makes, even in several subsidiaries and independent companies
  • Vehicle Management, Vehicle Purchases and Sales: Control and optimize your vehicle stock and the entire distribution chain. Enhance transparency throughout the vehicle pipeline to reduce the number of idle days and improve your margins
  • Importer Management: Supports key business requirements of importers for all parts, vehicles and warranty claim processes in order to facilitate the Dealers to Manufacturer submission. It also includes a dedicated “Dealers Workplace” module for all B2B processes related to their partners
  • Controlling: The integrated incadea.bi enables analysis and controlling of all business segments. In addition to classic reports there are also dashboards displaying segment profits as well as key performance and reference figures by means of graphical elements

incadea.myengine has been designed and developed in order to meet the ever-increasing business needs of today’s automotive market. The so-called Role Centers have been developed with a focus on simplicity and flexibility. The ultimate goal is to enable the users to handle their daily tasks more efficiently and effectively.

incadea.myengine’s new revolutionary user interface for the role-tailored client can be regarded as the users’ homepage in the DMS. It displays specific tasks, information and overviews relevant for the users, e.g. the orders they are responsible for. In short: it enables users to organize their tasks and themselves in an optimal way. 

Michael Müller
Service Advisor


Lisa Parker
Sales Manager

The service advisor, responsible, amongst other things, for the smooth processing of his customers‘ service and repair orders, constantly gets relevant status updates by his Role Center. Forthcoming appointments for incoming and outgoing vehicles are also regularly displayed.


Responsible for the Vehicle Sales Department, the Sales Manager has a comprehensive and transparent overview of the vehicle stock, as well as of the purchase and sales pipeline.

In incadea.myengine users log on to Role Centers, i.e. their own workplaces tailored specifically for them. Here, a user immediately sees the tasks and information for the day, and receives an overview of what has to be done and what is next in line.

What does it mean exactly? 

  • Trainings efforts are reduced, new employees learn the ropes faster
  • The introduction phase focuses more on business process improvements than on plain software learning
  • Each employee having his/her own individual area of responsibility is supported by special, tailored information
  • By means of the flexible Role Centers the areas of responsibility can be adjusted to changing situations in a car dealership anytime
  • Status information, e.g. on work progress, is transparent allowing the staff to speedily react to any arising problems
  • Business results can be analyzed more easily, from a specific area to a general overview

Technology platform

  • The incadea.myengine solution platform is Microsoft Dynamics NAV
  • Microsoft Dynamics NAV is a standard Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software
  • Using this standard software as a basis, incadea included the comprehensive package of the automotive trade business processes. In addition to the main processes, e.g. vehicle, parts and service management as well as accounting, the solution offers further add-on modules such as importer management, service scheduling, workshop planning, cash register, etc.
  • For incadea.myengine incadea uses the most up-to-date Microsoft Dynamics NAV technology. Technology innovations by new NAV releases will continuously be supported by the incadea solution.
  • incadea.myengine together with the new WebService technology simplify and speed up any make data exchange with other applications

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